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T-Safe helps reduce Legionella risk in warm weather

Summer time is the peak period for Legionella, the potentially lethal bacteria that thrive in the stagnant water which collects in shower heads and taps when they are unused for more than a few days. In hotter weather, the bug thrives in stagnant water above 20ºC and below 45ºC.

Partnered with Biomaster our new Hygiene Shower offers a maintenance free alternative to traditional quarterly cleaning tasks. By reducing risk and aiding infection prevention and control.

The system aims to improve user safety while enabling healthcare estates teams to deliver a complaint quarterly shower maintenance regime at reduced costs.

Designed for easy maintenance, the Hygiene Shower is constructed in two parts and features a removable faceplate and smooth bore water way that enables quick and effective cleaning.

Interchangeable faceplates featuring colour coding provide visual confirmation of PPM completion. Whilst laser engraved Data Matrix identification enables full electronic Asset Tracking and improved compliance management.

The showers and hoses contain Biomaster antibacterial technology which helps reduce microbiological growth on surfaces.

To find out more about our Hygiene Shower click HERE.

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