Shower Management

Combining the CL Hygiene Shower with an exchange, clean and return service.

Sustainable. No Waste. No Recycling.

Shower Management


T-Safe Shower Management is a revolutionary innovation in shower compliance that combines the CL Hygiene Shower with a professional exchange, clean and return service operated by our partner W.E.T. 

The requirement for quarterly shower head and hose cleaning under ACoP L8 and HTM 04:01 has long provided Estates teams with a significant maintenance burden and compliance challenge. 

T-Safe Shower Management offers an alternative to traditional ‘hand and bucket’ maintenance and quarterly replacement schemes that delivers on effectiveness, cost, convenience and sustainability with no waste or recycling. 

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Collect Clean Certify Comply

Combining the Hygiene Shower with an exchange, clean and return service that delivers on cost, convenience and sustainability with zero waste.

Shower Management

How it works

We provide a full turnkey package solution, that takes away the hassle of shower compliance management. 

On start up we deliver new CL Hygiene Shower sets to site, then on a quarterly basis we collect used units and exchange with showers that have been processed through our ISO 9001 6-Stage cleaning system.

At our purpose built facility in Tamworth, used showers are intensively cleaned, disinfected, dried and re-bagged, before being re-deployed ‘as new’ back into the exchange program.

We provide a duplicate stock of showers for your facility that enables timed deliveries and collections, ensuring seamless quarterly exchange with no non productive downtime or unavailability of showers.

The laser engraved asset tracking and colour coding features of the CL Hygiene Shower ensures full traceability and peace of mind. 

We manage a schedule of timed collections and deliveries to coincide with your quarterly PPM schedule. ‘As new’ CL Hygiene Showers are delivered to site each quarter for exchange, before used showers are collected at your convenience. 

Used showers are returned to our purpose built facility, where they are inspected and logged before being subjected to our intensive 6-Stage cleaning process.

Random microbiological batch testing is conducted before each shower is final inspected and logged. On completion we provide a fully traceable report and certification of cleanliness. 

As new CL Hygiene Showers are then returned in time for your next PPM exchange cycle, ensuring total compliance. 

Cleaning Process

The intensive 6-stage cleaning process was developed under a European Biofilm Research project and refined under the watchful eye of Microbiology Professor Anthony Hilton. 

  • Decontamination
  • De-scaling
  • Disinfection
  • Shearing
  • Drying
  • Bagging


Our ISO 9001 accredited process provides Estates teams with assurance through an accurate auditing system that uses asset tracking combined with microbiological quality control checks. 

  • Colour Coding
  • Asset Tracking
  • 99.9% kill rate of bacteria
  • Microbiological quality control checks
  • Certification of cleanliness
  • ISO 9001 accredited process


What are the benefits?

T-Safe Shower Management offers compliance and sustainability conscious Estates teams further choice when selecting an appropriate shower maintenance strategy. One that delivers on compliance, cost, convenience and reduced environmental impact with zero waste or recycling.

  • Effective, validated to achieve 99.9% bacteria kill rate
  • Reliable, microbiological batch testing
  • Assured, ISO 9001 accredited process
  • Traceable, asset tracking and colour coding
  • Safer, improved infection control with Biomaster
  • Sustainable, no recycling, no waste
  • Convenient, turn-key package service solution
  • Compliant.