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Point of Use Filters That Reduce Costs

T-Safe is changing the landscape of how Point of Use Filters are used in the NHS. With a high performance 92 day life cycle filter.

Point of Use Filtration is recognised as being an effective tool in healthcare for water safety and infection prevention. However, filters can be seen as expensive and difficult to manage. Due to there short life cycle, clogging, air-locking and poor flow rates. Resulting in filters having to be replaced frequently, increasing costs and maintenance.

T-Safe long life-cycle Point of Use Filtration, has helped over 250 hospitals in the UK. By reducing costs, maintenance time and volume of filters being used. Saving hospitals up to 66% on filter usage. T-Safe 92 day life-cycle filter was designed to be a high performance filter.That would change the market perception. Ensuring no clogging, improved flow rates and no air-locking.

Find out how T-Safe saved the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland £440K with long life-cycle filtration.

If you would be interested in a fee sample or trial please get in touch.

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