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New T-Safe Hygiene Shower, Compliance Made Easy…


We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to the T-Safe® range with the launch of the new T-Safe Hygiene Shower– our re-usable, fully maintainable, colour coded, antibacterial shower system.

The T-Safe Hygiene Shower system aims to improve safety for end users, whilst enabling Estates teams to deliver a complaint quarterly shower maintenance regime at reduced costs.

  • Specifically designed to be readily Maintainable, the Hygiene Shower is constructed in just two parts and features a removable faceplate and smooth bore water way that enables quick and effective cleaning.

  • Interchangeable faceplates featuring Colour Coding provide visual confirmation of PPM completion, whilst laser engraved Data Matrix identification enables full electronic Asset Tracking and improved compliance management.

  • Fully Antibacterial, showers and hoses are impregnated with Biomaster antibacterial silver additive technology, which helps reduce microbiological growth by up to 99.9% providing ongoing protection against the risk of infection between quarterly PPMs
  • Manufactured as a robust Permanent Fixture Shower solution, the T-Safe Hygiene Shower is built to last with no consumable parts, reducing waste and carbon footprint compared to replacement shower schemes.

  • Available in Hand Showers, Hoses and Wall Showers.

Click here to CONTACT US today to request your free sample and see how the T-Safe Hygiene Shower can help your organisation improve end user safety, compliance standards and reduce maintenance costs.


Tel: 028 38 894 455


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