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Introducing our T-safe 31-day Medical Tap Filter

Earlier this year, T-Safe released an updated version of our 92-day Filter and saw us add a totally new 31-day Medical Tap Filter to meet demand to our product range. If we were an IT company, we would call this a product update, a version 2, “Update NOW”. In reality we sat down with our healthcare customers, listened to their everyday needs regarding tap filters and as technology and habits change within healthcare, we updated our 92- & 31-day Filters to meet these needs.

Our research identified that when it came to filters our users were most concerned about the flow performance of their filters,  their usability for effective handwashing, the risks of retrograde contaminations, effective cleaning and the actual management of filter usage.

So what is new? What does this mean to you? So here are the juicy bits – We designed a range of intelligent features to deliver optimised flow performance to enable effective hand washing. A combination of advanced high capacity hollow fiber membrane and constant flow technology ensures that T-safe filters consistently outperform its competitors.

The unique design of the T-safe Medical Tap Filter overcomes the issues of tap compatibility associated with conventional filters

Our Engineers created a unique design of our Medical Tap filter to overcome the Issues of Tap Compatibility associated with conventional filters.

Featuring a side mount and swivel head mechanism, our engineers were able to optimise the usable activity space for handwashing, whilst helping to maintain an air gap that prevents back contamination and reduces retrograde contamination risk. Our swivel head directs water flow away from the drain point whilst maintaining the air gap thus reducing retrograde contamination risk.

If you would like to learn more about how T-safe® can help you prevent infection from waterborne pathogens, or if you would like costs or product samples please do not hesitate to contact us.

31 day filter t-safe legionella risk assessment features
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