T-Safe Point Of Use Filter Delivers £440K cost saving for NHS Trust

T-Safe point of use filters were introduced across Southern Health and Social Care Trust in 2018. After a successful field trial, T-Safe delivered significant reductions in filter usage, costs and maintenance time.


Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) employs >13, 000 people and provides a range of health and social care services including Acute, Mental Health and Primary Care services to a population of c500,000 across five council areas in Northern Ireland


SHSCT had experienced an ongoing water safety challenge. This was due to the aged nature of the estate and complexity of its water systems within its Major Acute Hospital sites. As part of the Water Safety Plan and risk mitigation strategy, Point of Use filters were installed to safeguard end users from the potential exposure from Legionella bacteria. This proved to be an effective infection prevention control measure. However the point of use filters used resulted in challenges. They tended to block up long before their expected life-cycle of 31 days. Had poor water flow rates and incompatibility with non-touch taps. This increased the number of filters being used. Placing a financial burden on SHSCT and operational challenge


In 2017 the SHSCT commenced a trial with T-Safe long life-cycle point of use filters.. The trial was conducted over a 4-month period and overseen by Tom Makin, acting in the capacity of Authorised Engineer for the SHSCT. The trial was to test and assess product performance. Focusing on, efficacy of microbiological retention, flow rates, usable life-cycle and end user experience over a 92-day period. The test was subjected to pre-trial baseline sampling. Followed by weekly water sampling from T-Safe filtered outlets and control outlets culminating in >900 samples being collected. The outcome of the trial determined that T-Safe point of use filters provided an effective barrier to Legionella bacteria throughout. Achieving their full life-cycle of 92 days with no significant deterioration in flow performance. T-Safe point of use filters were also found to be compatible with non-touch taps used onsite.


66% usage reduction £440K cost saving

£440K cost saving

4,000 less man hours


SHSCT Water Safety Group approved T-Safe point of use filters and they were introduced across the estate in March 2018. T-Safe point of use filters resulted in significant cost savings and reduced the operational burden of filter management onsite