Delivering Safe Water

Delivering Safe Water

The T-Safe® product range has been designed to assist Duty Holders and Responsible Persons in complying with the requirements of HSE ACoP L8 and HTM 04 01 in protecting patients, residents, building users and visitors from exposure to water borne pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas, forming an important part of an overall effective Water Safety Plan.

The T-Safe® product range includes point of use filtration devices, antimicrobial replacement showers and automatic flushing shower panels. 

Although intended primarily as safety devices for the control of harmful waterborne pathogens, T-Safe® does not compromise on showering or hand hygiene performance through the use of intelligent design features that delivers a satisfactory end user experience. 

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"We are particularly impressed by the T-Safe point of use filter, especially the lifespan of the product and its performance".
Midlands England NHS customer
"I can confirm that the recent trials of the T-Safe tap and shower point of use filters has been successful and that the Water Safety Group have accepted the filters being put into use".
Yorkshire Area, NHS Customer