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Delivering Safe Water.

T-Safe helps prevent infection from opportunistic waterborne pathogens, through innovative Point of Use Filtration and Safer Showering solutions.

Medical Point of Use Filtration

T-Safe offers a range of filter solutions for tap and shower outlets as well as in-line applications, specifically designed for the Healthcare sector.

Immediate protection from Legionella
and Pseudomonas bacteria

Delivering Safe Water

We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK & Ireland providing innovative products that support compliance management and prevent infection from opportunistic waterborne pathogens. 


Sterilising Grade Point of Use Filtration

T-Safe®  point of use filtration devices utilise sophisticated hollow fibre ultra-filtration membrane technology that has a pore size of 0.1 µm, providing effective and reliable filtration of harmful waterborne pathogens. T-Safe® point of use filtration efficacy has been tested and validated as a sterile grade filter in accordance with The American Standard Test Method ‘ASTM F838-05 ‘Determining bacteria retention of membrane filters utilised for liquid filtration’.